Our Story from the Beginning

Hi, I'd like to tell you about how I met and fell in love with one of the Greatest Men on the Planet . . .

Clint Bauer 
The Cancer Warrior

In February of 2000 he left the United States and was serving an LDS mission in Rio Dejaniro Brazil and noticed a lump growing near his right hip.  Doctors sent him back to America for testing and found out it was Chondra Sarcoma Bone Cancer.

In October of 2000 they operated and removed his entire right hip crest and after weeks in the hospital and months of horrific rehab he was trying to regain his life back. Where are the pictures? Well hold on I wasn't in his life until six months later when destiny found us working at the same job. 

A lawn care company! I scheduled appointments and he sprayed lawns. And I knew as soon as I saw him I would have to schedule a date with him!! He is my Prince Charming and this is our Fairy Tale.... 

On June 7, 2002 I married Clint Bauer 

{aka The Cancer Warrior} 

we have been married for over 10 years now and
We have three kids . . . (who look just like him!)

Neiska Lynn Bauer who is 9 

 (she was named after my Grandma from Holland)

Gunner Clint Bauer or as most people call him....Mini Clint....he's 6

Then there's the baby....Wyatt Vance Bauer

 who's 1 and growing way too fast! 
(he does however have my curly hair)

 He is my Dream Man and being with him makes me want to be a better person every day

We made sure and went to all the appointments and x-rays every six months, then every year, and at his 5 year appointment they declared him cancer free. We were so excited because being clear for that long meant that it was not coming back.....

In the fall of 2011 I noticed he was not feeling good-he was extremely tired, he was more achy, and he couldn't lose weight no matter what he tried!

He would come home from work frustrated that all he would eat would be vegetables and a yogurt and he couldn't understand why he couldn't lose weight. We also noticed the right side of his hip looked and felt hard. Being the concerned wife I made an appointment with his Cancer Specialist immediately.

When we initially saw him on November 29th 2011 he said the x-rays looked good, but after examination he wanted him to get a MRI and CT scan. We couldn't get in until December 11th, 2011 so we figured it wasn't that big of a concern because of the appointment delay. But the next day we soon realized it was

The worst day of our lives

December 12th 2011: him and I were awaiting THE results at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.( It's not a good sign if you are waiting for a really long time in a room you normally never go in, and the doctor asks his assistant for the entire box of tissues.)

Needless to say our lives stopped when they delivered the news...Chondra Sarcoma stage 2 {aka. sucky bone cancer}

and the statistics of it coming back after this long....wait there is no statistics it NEVER happens. But we found out it was back worse than before.

There should be a rule:

if a person has had cancer before they should NOT get it AGAIN!

But alas the universe has different plans

On December 28th 2011 they operated for 10 hours and removed over 20 lbs of bone cancer tumors.

Yes, he pretty much delivered a cancer toddler that I named Boone. [Clint said to me when I was pregnant with our second son that we should name him Boone{barf} and I told him he should've married someone else if he wanted to name one of his sons that!...

So naturally with him birthing this cancer toddler it just seemed fitting to name him Boone...don't ya think?!

I of course was curious to see what this baby looked like. For those of you who are curious too I've included pictures of this nasty bad boy!

Warning to the queasy:
Nasty pictures of Boone the cancer toddler below

There is an actual ruler below with the cancer measuring over 15"

The team of doctors said they literally filleted him out onto two operating tables

As you can see they didn't lie. He officially looked like he had been bitten by a shark.

But even being bitten by a shark and feeling hit by a truck....He still looked freakin' hot!

He's so cute I even had to wake him in the hospital at 11:59pm on New Years Eve so I could get my New Year's Kiss

I know our fairy tale isn't perfect, but with him in it it's the

Perfect Fairy Tale for me....;)

You can read our story from the beginning, starting here . . .

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