Sunday, October 18, 2015

10.16.2015 - I BELIEVE it. I KNOW it. I live it.

I know this is true! It's been the WORST of times BUT we've seen Gods loving hands guiding us over these last unimaginably difficult years.
I've seen him turn our bitterness to joy
I've seen him bring comfort to our comfort less hearts
I've seen him fill the vast hole in our hearts with his love since Clint died.
Life is NOT meant to be easy! We KNEW that before we came here to Earth.
We are here to be tested - we are here to show when the tough times come we WILL rise up and choose the right!
No matter how hard we fall we CAN get up with our Saviors help and do what we once thought impossible - I BELIEVE it. I KNOW it. I live it.