Sunday, September 13, 2015


Dr Randall came in and Clint boldly declared he is done fighting in the hospital and he wants to go home with his family.
He said he will be going on hospice ASAP.
Clint has been having revelations and experiences all day yesterday. Everyone who has come has felt and witnessed the spirit of our Savior and the gift of tongues as Clint has testified that Jesus Christ is real and loves each of us.
The stake presidency came in and gave him a blessing and said that God will whisper soon to Clint that his time has come. And he has been preparing Clint for that the last couple days.
There's so much more I wish to write but I'm emotionally unstable and tired right now.
Thank you for your countless prayers on our behalf
He gave him the strength to complete his mission here and he will have far greater power to help his family from the other side.

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