Sunday, September 27, 2015


Yesterday was a trip up to Huntsman with his two lucky girls by his side while he got a refill of his internal pain pump.
Then all the rest of the day he was sad... From getting home with bathroom problems and having nightmares when he was trying to take a nap he was exhausted emotionally and physically.
He told me through tears that he's sad - just like his mission - he won't be able to finish his life. And that he doesn't want to miss out on his family. He is worried about and for us.
I told him what other number one job would Heavenly Father have him do than watch over and protect his family!?
He was blessed to have some great visitors show up last night and some angel neighbors brought by dinner (because I forgot how to cook😜)
And Wyatt was so excited to have a sleepover by his daddy with his ninja turtle sleeping bag.
This afternoon he will be partying with his best friend Marty and Kyle while I take Neiska and go downtown to The Women's Conference.
I need your short birthday videos TODAY if you can. We are compiling them and surprising him on his birthday.
please email them to

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