Sunday, September 27, 2015

9.24.2015 Don't You Quit - Elder Holland quote

Well Clint's not been doing good. His health is declining and he's been swelling.
Hospice came today and put in a catheter (right after he had went to the bathroom to try and pee)
immediately they got almost a quart of urine that drained. The tumors in his pelvis, abdomen, back and the progressive body failure are now not letting him empty his bladder. His air demand has increased and his body is getting tired. (Whose wouldn't) he's such a fighter! I'm so honored I get to be his wife.
We are moving him upstairs so he has to spend less energy. Hospice wants him in a hospital bed now so when he's sleeping he can incline and breathe better.
The hospice nurse says he's not in eminent condition right now but that he has days or weeks at the most left. He's really hoping he will be able to still see Elder Holland Tuesday.
Tomorrow he has an apt to get his pain pump refilled up at Huntsman. So it will be good to get him out to feel some sunshine.
Next Wednesday September 30th is Clint's 35th birthday!!
We have a fun birthday SURPRISE for him you can help with!!
Please do a short video Birthday message for Clint (30 seconds or less) with your phone or video camera -
Share a memory, something you love about him, or just be silly and make him laugh. If you don't know him personally introduce yourself and say where you're from and how he's helped your life!
We need it by THIS Saturday, September 26 so my awesome sister Maurie will have time to put the video together at Clint's Birthday party.
We are SO excited to have you make a video for him!! He will think that's the BEST gift he could ever have - seeing he's made a difference and have him FEELING the love 
Email the videos to:

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