Sunday, September 27, 2015

9.21.2015 (legos and nap time)

Nap time! After playing Legos all morning these boys need a power nap.
I left today to take myself to get an (emergency😋)manicure and then I was going to run into work and when I pulled up to work Clint called and said he was confused and his air was in the 70's.( his oxygen saturation should be above 90)
I turned my car back on headed right back home to take care of My Boyfriend.
I'm hoping it was just a fluke or something. When I got home I checked his air machine (He's on a air concentrator at home) and changed the tubing and checked his blood pressure - which was good.
He said maybe it was because I was gone it took his breath away😉{nerd alert} he's a cheese ball that's one of the many reasons I love him!
I showed 4 year old Wyatt how to call me on Daddy's phone in case Daddy's too sick and can't call. So all the rest of the day today my phone has been ringing while Wyatt's practicing💕 am I? I haven't been able to sleep very good at night. I've been getting a cold and when my head hits the pillow I find my thoughts turning to fear as my brain tries to grasp the thoughts that Clint really is dying.
I see flashes of the future heartbreak that my kids will have to endure at their important events and life milestones....then I sing a church song (in my head I won't torture clint😉) until the cries stop. Then I start thinking again...
Is this really our life? It's almost perfect except for the one tiny detail that I am married to a man that's dying...and with that my dreams die too..

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