Friday, September 11, 2015


Had such a FUN time at The Grand Dairy tour at the Surfing Goat Dairy! It was such a refreshing change to our water sport itinerary.
We learned all about goats and fed, milked, herded, and tasted ALL the flavors of the world famous cheese they make!
Neiska wants a goat SO bad now 😜
For lunch we went to Paia and ate some succulent seafood at the Paia fish market
To round out our day we went to the pool on the beach. At the pool Gunner said as we clinked our piña colada cups together while the sun was setting:
"This pretty much is the best week of my life!"
Then Clint said this is what he's been dreaming of. As I inquired what he was referring to exactly he said:
"Sitting in the pool with my family like a regular guy."
This was the first time this week Clint has felt good enough to get into the pool with the kids! (actually the first time all year)
Clint started to wrestle with Gunner and I saw the surprise well up in my 8 year olds eyes as he realized he could WRESTLE and actually PLAY with his Dad without having to worry he was going to hurt him.
Wrestling with their Daddy has become a foreign memory to my kids. Gunner was only 4 when Clint's cancer came back and over the last 4 years the thought of a dad wrestling or chasing them has been a distant memory...
But tonight I was apart of a perfect memory, A rare memory. A memory where the man in the 'plastic bubble' was able to break free
and become who he wished he felt good enough to be...
Fighting terminal cancer leaves many memories that I wish we didn't have but for every bad memory God blesses us with the opportunity to treasure the good we DO have IF we choose to see it.
Thank you Heavenly Father for the many perfect moments we have in our life!

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