Friday, September 11, 2015


Clint's right foot is completely numb and is extremely tender and uncomfortable for him making it harder to walk.
This was our second visit to the pain team this week. They turned up his internal pain pump meds in hopes that something will help him be more comfortable for our vacation tomorrow.
He wants to be able to enjoy the time with the family instead of having to stay back at the hotel. He said he doesn't want to tell the kids 'We can't do that because Daddy doesn't feel good.'
He's having so much nerve pain because the tumors are growing and pressing on his nerves. They think they can go into the right glute again and drain some of tumor fluid to help decompress the nerves.
We had so many things planned (this vacation, Neiska and Gunners birthdays) we scheduled the surgery for September 15th.
I'm hoping and praying he can make it to then and not be extremely miserable
Please keep the prayers coming!!!!

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