Friday, September 11, 2015


Doctor date two days in a row. At least we are listening to a book on tape In the car since it's about 45 min to an hour car drive each way.
Today we are meeting the pain team. They changed a lot of meds in his internal pump last week so this is a follow up to see how they can adjust them more to Make him more comfortable.
Because of the inoperable tumors growing in his pelvis and abdomen they are wrapping around his sciatic nerves causing extreme discomfort. Especially when he lays down or sits. At night he's on medicine to help him sleep but in doing that his whole leg falls asleep as the tumors restrict the blood flow a lot more in that position.
The mornings are pretty tough for him with a lot of pain and cramping in that right leg as he starts to get up and walk around and the blood starts flowing back to that area.
The change last week helped him with his pain so we are hoping each time they can adjust and help a bit more.

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