Friday, September 11, 2015

7.21.2015 - thankful to be a mom.

Got home from the doctors today to find this letter on my night stand from my (soon to be 12 year old) daughter.
Ever since I was in kindergarten I KNEW I wanted to grow up and be a mom. In fact on my kindergarten papers where it says:
When I grow up I want to be a _________
I put a mom! I knew from a very early age I was destined to hold this sacred calling. Then at the age of 12 I was helping my grandma do some work and she told me about my Grandma Neiska and as soon as I heard that name I fell in love with it. And from that day on I knew when I had a little girl her name would be Neiska - after my third great grandma from Holland.
Her and I are A LOT alike and it's been a challenge. Clint usually says
"If she's so much like you how come I don't get along with her?!"
As I usually reply
"Well she's like a wild untamed Kamille!"
I'm so proud of her and what an amazing young woman she's growing up to be. Through the difficulty I'm honored to say that she's one AMAZING strong woman!! And such an example to me of courage, hope, and determination!!
The world needs strong women and where do they come from?! Strong little women! I always have to remind myself that she's exactly how she should be and I need to parent her differently than I do my easy going boys.
God knew I needed a little Neiska in my life and from the moment I met her and she wrapped her little hand around my pinky finger I knew being her mom was the most important and worthwhile thing I would ever do in my life!
Here's to strong women!!! May we be them. May we raise them. And may we honor them!

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