Friday, September 11, 2015


And just like that we are busting out of this joint!! On our way home now!
Clint is going to be resuming the chemo trial Monday - giving him a week to get over the pneumonia.
In his CT scan it showed the tumors in his right glute and pelvis are wrapping their evil little selves around the nerves and arteries and cementing to his bowels and vital organs making him extremely high risk to operate. They said an operation could kill him or land him living in the ICU.
It's a fine line to walk to keep his pain under control while maintaining his quality of life. The tumors around his nerves causes unbearable cramping making it extremely difficult for him to lay down and sleep for more than 30 minutes.
We are hoping with some addition of sleeping pills and a combination of muscle relaxers will help him. But we have found that leaves him tired.
It's hard to fight the pain and keep him awake at this point so we are trying our best. I guess it's see how much pain he can stand and HOPE and PRAY this be chemo will help.

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