Friday, September 11, 2015


Clint and I will be married 13 years this Sunday June 7th!
In sickness and in health is a powerful statement and commitment. Anyone can stick together when it's sunshine and rainbows but when the tsunami comes will your relationship be ready?
My sister sent me an article and got me thinking...
Suffering and enduring well I believe is a character trait that we ALL have that needs developing and refining.
Having patience during suffering isn't something we were 'instantly' good at by any means.
Having patience during our afflictions was like using a muscle that we never knew we had - quite miserable and horrible to use at first but over time it has become stronger and less painful.
It takes time and discipline to focus on the good, focus on what we DO have, focus on our purpose in life - that focus has brought us strength and peace!
Suffering can destroy us or define us. It can strengthen us or crumble us. During suffering we can actually become closer to the person we were meant to be IF we CHOOSE to focus on the good! If we CHOOSE to cling to our faith, if we CHOOSE to look at this trial as another OPPORTUNITY to show our Heavenly Father that no matter WHAT happens, no matter WHAT comes our way, no matter how hard it gets we WILL NOT falter, we will NOT shrink we WILL not lose faith!
It's NOT easy. How do you climb your own personal Mount Everest? Don't look up! Lol look right in front of you. Look at what you can do right NOW that will strengthen your faith and take one step at a time! Just keep climbing!
We can't be perfect climbers But through the help and strength and atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ we CAN get back on the path - we can do the impossible!
We KNOW it, we BELIEVE it, we live it!
So honored I get to suffer alongside Clint. The BEST decision I ever made was to marry him!
If we can do it so can you!!!
If this inspired you feel free to share...

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