Sunday, September 27, 2015

9.27.2015 Birthday Celebrations and Videos

We have been ringing in our courageous Warriors Birthday early as in the middle of the night last night his body finally decided it is getting tired....
His lungs are completely filled with fluid and has only opened his eyes around 8:30am when the kids were all around him.
We are playing all his favorite music and gathering around him and telling him how much we love him. We have been playing your videos you sent in and he has smiled hearing them.
Hospice said he will return bravely home today....
We appreciate your love, prayers, and support! ‪#‎bauerpower‬


Yesterday was a trip up to Huntsman with his two lucky girls by his side while he got a refill of his internal pain pump.
Then all the rest of the day he was sad... From getting home with bathroom problems and having nightmares when he was trying to take a nap he was exhausted emotionally and physically.
He told me through tears that he's sad - just like his mission - he won't be able to finish his life. And that he doesn't want to miss out on his family. He is worried about and for us.
I told him what other number one job would Heavenly Father have him do than watch over and protect his family!?
He was blessed to have some great visitors show up last night and some angel neighbors brought by dinner (because I forgot how to cook😜)
And Wyatt was so excited to have a sleepover by his daddy with his ninja turtle sleeping bag.
This afternoon he will be partying with his best friend Marty and Kyle while I take Neiska and go downtown to The Women's Conference.
I need your short birthday videos TODAY if you can. We are compiling them and surprising him on his birthday.
please email them to

9.25.2015 Moving Clint downstairs

Just moved Clint to the main level and I'm decorating his new room.
He had a request for any pictures or colored pages to hang up on his walls!!
If you have some time can you or your family color a picture for Clint? He would love to see them hanging in his new room and cheering him up!

9.24.2015 Don't You Quit - Elder Holland quote

Well Clint's not been doing good. His health is declining and he's been swelling.
Hospice came today and put in a catheter (right after he had went to the bathroom to try and pee)
immediately they got almost a quart of urine that drained. The tumors in his pelvis, abdomen, back and the progressive body failure are now not letting him empty his bladder. His air demand has increased and his body is getting tired. (Whose wouldn't) he's such a fighter! I'm so honored I get to be his wife.
We are moving him upstairs so he has to spend less energy. Hospice wants him in a hospital bed now so when he's sleeping he can incline and breathe better.
The hospice nurse says he's not in eminent condition right now but that he has days or weeks at the most left. He's really hoping he will be able to still see Elder Holland Tuesday.
Tomorrow he has an apt to get his pain pump refilled up at Huntsman. So it will be good to get him out to feel some sunshine.
Next Wednesday September 30th is Clint's 35th birthday!!
We have a fun birthday SURPRISE for him you can help with!!
Please do a short video Birthday message for Clint (30 seconds or less) with your phone or video camera -
Share a memory, something you love about him, or just be silly and make him laugh. If you don't know him personally introduce yourself and say where you're from and how he's helped your life!
We need it by THIS Saturday, September 26 so my awesome sister Maurie will have time to put the video together at Clint's Birthday party.
We are SO excited to have you make a video for him!! He will think that's the BEST gift he could ever have - seeing he's made a difference and have him FEELING the love 
Email the videos to:

9.23.2015 (Clint's birthday surprise)

Hey! Next Wednesday September 30th is Clint's 35th birthday!!
We have a fun birthday SURPRISE for him you can help with!!
Please do a short video Birthday message for Clint (30 seconds or less) with your phone or video camera -
Share a memory, something you love about him, or just be silly and make him laugh. If you don't know him personally introduce yourself and say where you're from and how he's helped your life!
We need it by THIS Saturday, September 26 so my awesome sister Maurie will have time to put the video together at Clint's Birthday party.
We are SO excited to have you make a video for him!! He will think that's the BEST gift he could ever have - seeing he's made a difference and have him FEELING the love 
Email the videos to:


Man I think we've grown enough lol

9.22.2015 - Time Out For Women

I have always felt like I would love to be a motivational speaker for Time Out for Women.
If you think that's a good idea please leave a comment on their page with Clints Facebook link

9.22.2015 (VIDEO - good news alert, guess who Clint gets to meet?)

Oh my gosh we are pretty much peeing our pants with excitement!!!!

9.21.2015 (VIDEO - lots of Kamille crying)

Warning: don't watch this unless you want to be depressed

9.21.2015 (legos and nap time)

Nap time! After playing Legos all morning these boys need a power nap.
I left today to take myself to get an (emergencyπŸ˜‹)manicure and then I was going to run into work and when I pulled up to work Clint called and said he was confused and his air was in the 70's.( his oxygen saturation should be above 90)
I turned my car back on headed right back home to take care of My Boyfriend.
I'm hoping it was just a fluke or something. When I got home I checked his air machine (He's on a air concentrator at home) and changed the tubing and checked his blood pressure - which was good.
He said maybe it was because I was gone it took his breath awayπŸ˜‰{nerd alert} he's a cheese ball that's one of the many reasons I love him!
I showed 4 year old Wyatt how to call me on Daddy's phone in case Daddy's too sick and can't call. So all the rest of the day today my phone has been ringing while Wyatt's practicingπŸ’• am I? I haven't been able to sleep very good at night. I've been getting a cold and when my head hits the pillow I find my thoughts turning to fear as my brain tries to grasp the thoughts that Clint really is dying.
I see flashes of the future heartbreak that my kids will have to endure at their important events and life milestones....then I sing a church song (in my head I won't torture clintπŸ˜‰) until the cries stop. Then I start thinking again...
Is this really our life? It's almost perfect except for the one tiny detail that I am married to a man that's dying...and with that my dreams die too..

9.21.2015 (Elder Holland visit)

Last year we got a letter that's helped change our lives and give us hope in our darkest of times. His letter hangs in a frame on our wall and has helped us and given us strength more times than we can count.
One of Clint's dreams would be to meet the apostle Jeffrey R Holland! All the apostles and the prophet are amazing. But If you happen to know how we can make this dream possible please let us know!
Please share this so we can help my Cancer Warriors Dream come true!!

9.21.2015 The Book of Mormon

So many have asked How we make it through our trials and maintain a sense of peace and happiness around the darkness of our reality....
We KNOW we can't do this alone - we have tried! But only when we turned to the Savior and started praying and having faith have our burdens become easier to bear.
It is only in and through our Savior Jesus Christ that we can make it through our trials with smiles!
Most understand that He paid the price for our sins but what I didn't realize until dealing with cancer and the tidal wave of destruction and despair that it brings is that through the atonement he has also suffered our pains, despair, and hopelessness.
He truly is THE Comforter! If your life is too hard, if you are too heartbroken, if you think you can't do it're right.
It is only through our Savior and his light that we can make it through the unimaginable WITH peace and comfort.
With the help of our Savior we CAN make it through our trials! With the help of our Savior we CAN endure. With the help of our Savior we CAN have light through the most darkest of times imaginable!! He said himself
"I am the light of the world; and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world."
- 3 Nephi 11:11
I KNOW he has helped us breath through the suffocating trial of terminal cancer. I KNOW he is there and will help ANYONE
"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and he shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
- Matthew 11: 28-30
If you pray and your burden goes away - dang you're lucky! But most of the time the trial doesn't go away....(Then why pray if my problems won't go away you ask) What difference will it make then? Well let me speak from personal experience will make ALL the difference!
With our Savior you WILL be able to deal with your problems easier and you will have comfort, peace, and super strength!
"And it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord."
-Mosiah 24:15
I KNOW life's too hard. I KNOW at times you will feel like you can't go on! But I KNOW if you turn to your Savior he will help you and you will be able to be strong enough to fight your Goliath of battles!!
If you haven't heard of The Book of Mormon, or you have but don't really know what it's about watch this awesome clip.
Just like the bible - The Book Of Mormon was written by ancient prophets and testifies of our Savior Jesus Christ. Reading the Book Of Mormon has changed our lives. We KNOW it can change yours...
If you want a Book of Mormon let us know and we would love to send you a free one with our testimony.


Clints been in a lot more pain the last couple of days with his leg and the tumors growing around his sciatic nerves. The swelling has started again in his legs.
The mornings are the worst and most painful for him as the blood flow started to move through his extremities and our church starts at 9am.
As he woke up and was sweating and wincing in pain I told him it's okay if he stays home as he replied:
"Physically I won't feel better either way but spiritually I'll feel better if I go. "
So he stayed for all of his meetings today. He's my Hero

9.17.2015 (flowers)

Why would people who think you're a bad friend and not worth forgiving and wrote off your friendship irregardless of your apologies for the misunderstandings and sincere love for them. but instead of accepting your apology they de-friend you literally and Facebookly - then years go by.....
And then they send you flowers when your husband is dying?....
Thank you for the flowers but they make me sad...they make me wish I was worth it in your eyes to forgive. They make me wish you would've valued our friendship enough to give me the benefit of the doubt. They make me that weird?
If I know anything I know life is too short to hold grudges or make people's lives harder.
I treasure my friendships including yours. If somehow you read this and would like to talk. My number is still the same...

9.17.2015 (fortune cookie & dinner)

Clint thinks his fortune is referring to a steamy romance tonight😍
(Hey I'll give a dying man whatever he wantsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ)
He was really tired today and extremely sweaty. During his nap I kept going in and soaking up the sweat that was pooling over his eye lids and wiping him down. His whole pillow case was soaked. He's been sweaty but man his body is waging war right now!
He woke up and wanted to go to dinner with his best friend since childhood so we got him out and had a blast.
He seems to be getting Over the pneumonia really good so we are hoping he will keep steadily improving.
I talked with Clint about what was said about him passing soon and he said "What does soon mean in heaven? In Gods timing soon could mean longer than we think."
He's absolutely right. We just need to live in the moment and appreciate the time we do have.
At the end of the day Clint says to the kids
"I'm here today and I'll be here tomorrow."
And that's just how we have to live. Doing what we know is right - right now! And enjoying every second we have with each other.....

9.17.2015 (VIDEO - Clint running the Bauer train)

Clint's been really tired but that doesn't stop him from operating the Bauer Train!

Monday, September 14, 2015

9.14.2015 (VIDEO - Wyatt entertaining Clint)

Wyatt keeping Clint entertained.

9.13.2015 (Clint's Talk in Church)

With the help of my brother Clint gave an amazing talk today!
He was worried because it's been hard for him lately to put his thoughts and words together and stay focused {squirrel}
He doesn't think he has done anything special or inspired people - as I tell him
"Are you serious?! You are SO inspiring! Want me to punch you in the face?!"
He's such a humble man and that's one of the things that he has struggled with - feeling like he's not accomplished much as far as the "worlds" standards of a successful man as he's reflected on his life.
But I know it doesn't matter what the worlds standards are of a man - Clint is one of THE greatest men that has been on the Earth - I just wish he could see it!
Thank you for your words of encouragement, cheers, support, love, and prayers for our little family - they have lifted us up daily!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Love this!

Beautiful Quote from Thomas S. Monson:

"God our Eternal Father lives and loves us. He is indeed our Father, and He is personal and real.
May we realize how close to us He is willing to come, how far He is willing to go to help us, and how much He loves us."

9.12.2015 (lipstick)

Sephora- fighting cancer one lipstick at a time- the perfect way to end my hellacious week!! I deal with my problems...don't judge me! It could be drugs! πŸ˜πŸ˜œlol


So glad our warrior is home. This is how I found the boys last night.
Today is Gunner's 9th birthday! We are so glad Clint is home and celebrating with us.
Thank you to The Miracle Mascots for driving in and bringing sunshine to our family yesterday!


Neiska's birthday ended great yesterday!
Clint's nurse came today and he's doing better. His heart rate isn't as high which means his body's not as tired. His lungs sounded better and his oxygen moved down from needing 7 liters to needing 5. So good!!
I kept the kids home from school this week and they have sure been his little helpers. I hear Clint yell:
"Toot toot it's time for the Bauer train to leave the station!"
Then he grabs his walker and pushes them on it around the house. (That's probably not what the doctor would order but whose gonna tell them!?)
He's been talking to the kids and telling them he will know when Heavenly Father needs him and not to worry that it's not today.
He sure is one amazing man😍😍😍

9.12.2015 (Quote from TOFW)

9.11.2015 (Daddy/Daughter talk - Jen McMullin)

My Best Friend from forever was helping me with Clint at the ICU Saturday and she shared this:

I witnessed something so beautiful today....
A father sharing sound life advice with his sweet daughter. 
I can't believe I was front row to a conversation most father's only think of sharing with their precious girls.

Clint says "Neiska, I'm going to ask you to do something for me. Whenever you are feeling down, or lonely, or sad or bad about yourself, please, go find a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that YOU love yourself, that your DAD loves you and that your Heavenly Father loves you.

Those three things will always be sound and true. Love yourself Neiska. And know I love you, and your Father in heaven loves you. That's all, it's very simple."

He continued to tell her much more. But, that's what silenced any voice in my head. As if I needed to listen too.
Clint Bauer, I will forever be grateful for the gift of you in my life. I will always try my hardest to be a good friend to your beautiful bride and a mentor and life guide for all three of your children. This I pledge to you, in this life and the next. God speed my brother.

-Jen McMullin


Clint woke up feeling good again! Man we are so excited.
Weeks ago he was asked to speak and give a talk at our church this Sunday. I completely forgot but Clint woke up this morning and said
"I'm speaking in church this Sunday right?"
As I surprisingly replied as I remembered - "Do you want to?"
He then said absolutely and texted the counselor to let them know he's planning on it if they want him to to which the counselor responded, "Yes -You're a stud Clint Bauer!"
Clint wanted me to invite those of you who would like to attend.
Clint will be speaking at 8834 S Duck Ridge Way West Jordan Utah 84081
this Sunday September 13th in the 9:00 am sacrament meeting block.

9.9.2015 (Neiska's day at the temple)

It's Neiska's 12th birthday today (yes: we have two of our kids birthdays this week - Clint loved to give me some good Christmas presents πŸ˜‰)
She's now old enough to have a temple recommend!
All year long she said she wanted to go to the temple on her birthday so today with the help of my brothers her Daddy was able to go too!
It was such a neat experience and the spirit of the Lord was so strong.
It is real - we REALLY are families forever.
What a blessed amazing day!