Friday, May 8, 2015


Calling all good (and clean) Jokes to help cheer Mr Bauer up!
Just talked to Dr Randall. He does have a bulging disc in addition to the tumor that's aggravating the nerves. However the tumor is the biggest culprit for the pain. It's an inoperable tumor and the Doctor said if he went in after it he could very possibly not make it out alive. Plus the tumor would just regenerate anyway.
He will be staying in the hospital until tomorrow. And then Monday all his doctors are meeting and discussing his case.
He is being scheduled for an ablation surgery next week. Then our hope is he will have a break for the summer and be able to recover and get on chemo.
Clint's been pretty emotional and frustrated. And you know what the best medicine really is......laughter!
So I'm calling in the BIGGEST joke train we can get!!! Post a joke, share this post, have others post jokes!!!
Let's get his cheering team cheering him up
Mr Bauer you're our HERO!!!!

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