Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I think there's something special about people who have cancer. Even though this ugly disease has invaded their bodies it seems to me to soften their souls.
Of all the people we have been blessed to meet that have been affected by this devastating disease there seems to me to be several major personality common denominators....compassion, humanity, and an increased abnormal measure of selfless love.
Cancer does so many horrible things to people but I've witnessed that it also works magic on your soul (if) you let it.
It gives you the chance to step back and see a precipice before you......a chance to stop and shed the shell of who you once were into someone you've always wanted to become.
The secret is choosing to let it...
Speaking of amazing people with cancer Clint got a surprise visit from a friend and fellow cancer fighter! We love and pray for you and your family Toa.
And to all those fighting with a trial large or small .....keep up the good fight it'll be worth it in the end God has promised and he doesn't lie!

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