Sunday, May 17, 2015

5.17.2015 (Blood Bar Anyone? Buehler?)

Darn it this Sunday Clint did not want to supply a Vampire mini bar....
We are at the ER and are being admitted (again😞) he's been extremely tired, nauseous, wheezy, crazy low blood pressure, the list could go on....
In today's CT the cancer has grown more in his lungs in the last week. The doctor said it could easily be that that's causing the congestion and his lack of him being able to get enough air or a developing pneumonia infection.
Tonight Clint said through his slurred tired speech that he feels like the oldest man alive....
So sad....that my 34 year old (smokin' hot) husband has to endure such a devastating infestation.
Cancer's not's not fair.....
In all my time writing these posts for Clint with disappointment after disappointment there has always been a hope in my heart that gets me through.
A hope that my kids will grow up and see that even though life doesn't go as planned, even though life sometimes appears impossible, even though somedays they feel they can't go on....they will look back and REMEMBER.
Remember their Dad and that he DID go on! Remember that when it was tough we all kept going! Remember that our life WASN'T easy but it WAS beautiful and full of LOVE, compassion, adventure, and faith.
Remember that when we weren't strong enough on our own Angels were there to strengthen us!
Remember that when we could have lost hope and faith we didn't. Remember that when we were scared we were comforted!
Remember that this life is but a small moment and if they endure it well with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ they WILL make it through ANYTHING that will come their way.
And that is my testimony to all those who follow Clint's story....that you will look at your life and when it's hard and you feel like you can't possibly go on I hope you remember my Dream Man. Remember our story. And Remember that with your Savior Jesus Christ ALL things ARE possible! You can do it and so can we!
If our story inspires you feel free to share.

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