Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5.12.2015 (post surgery)

Clint just got out of surgery. They were not able to use an anesthesiologist because one wasn't available and we would've had to wait two more weeks.
The Dr said it would be no problem (easy for him to say) with conscious local sedation (meaning he would be awake the entire time) Clint agreed because he wanted to get it over with.
I just got to see him and I have NEVER seen him so full of anguish. It was a grueling 3 hours of POW torture. He was completely conscious while they were burning his internal tumor tissues.
He endured more this procedure than anyone should have to endure. He's completely physically and emotionally exhausted.
The doctor wasn't able to burn much of the gluteal tumor because it immediately put Clint crying out in pain. But they ablated a large tumor in his pelvis. The nurse said it was definitely a horrible experience and they literally do that to prisoners of war.
He strongly recommended we go get radiation next week. We want to say Uncle.

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