Friday, May 1, 2015


Well let's just say we will try at all costs NOT to have a procedure done at The University Hospital. Normally we go to Huntsman Cancer Hospital but the surgeon was at The U yesterday and wanted us to go there......
Their post surgical proceedings have been a nightmare. After the procedure Clint was put in a short stay room with a broken air conditioner unit waiting for a room for over 5 1/2 hours!! The temperature in there said 78'.
I was told by the first nurse that they were calling maintenance to fix it but then subsequent nurse said it WASN'T broken and it felt fine to her. (Really? Then why does the thermostat say 78')
Then they kept under medicating him and bringing the wrong doses of meds all while telling me they can't administer iv pain meds with his oral pain meds..... Yeah right!
(Side note: I try really hard to be patient and understanding of those who take care of Clint and give people the benefit of the doubt but don't mess with my baby)
After I told this nurse to look and see she came back later and said
"Oh yeah he can have that I just read your chart."
Well how about reading the freakin' chart hours ago!?!?
DON'T be lazy and not ready your chart just because you 'assume' he had some 'minor' procedure and he's just whiney.
So irritating!!!! At 11pm we finally get to a room and as soon as Clint saw there was only two hard non-reclining chairs for me his eyes filled with tears. I assured him I was fine and I wanted to stay up and knit for awhile anyway. Of course Clint asked the new room staff immediately if I could get a chair that reclined and they said yeah sure no problem.
I patiently waited listening to the snoring symphony of My Dream man and Then around 3am I asked if they were able to find a chair as the nurse replied she had forgot. So then at 3:30am they wheeled in a cot....
Wyatt has been having separation issues and called me crying and missing his mamma...
Luckily we had some great friends come and distract us! Thank you Kate for dinner and Clint's favorite Tiramisu😍
I'm making sure we are at Huntsman at all costs next time!
So grateful they were able to operate and help him. They are sending him home with the drains and Next Wednesday is a CT scan and then surgery in two weeks to hopefully burn the tumor that's strangulating his sciatic
Heaven keep helping us!!!

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