Friday, May 1, 2015

5.1.2015 (at home)

Hallelujah we survived this horrible, awful, terrible, no good, very bad day!!!!
It's been pretty brutal for The Bauer's. On the car ride home from the hospital Clint was crying from the extreme discomfort and pain. And I was crying because Clint was crying and then we picked up Wyatt and he was crying.
We got home and Clint was able to rest and take a nap but this evening his nerve pain has started to act up. He says it feels like road rash and he has cramping and burning pain in his right ankle and leg. The doctor did say he would have lots of discomfort and nerve irritation after what he's been through.
Gunner got into the shower and helped hold Clint's drains while I helped wash him and Wyatt helped with his lotion.
As I got him out of the shower I could see his eyes filled with tears for the pain he was enduring and the gratitude in his heart for a family that loves him and takes care of him....
As Clint left the bathroom in tears I wrapped Gunner up in the towel as he buried his head into my chest and cried "Why is our life so hard Mom?"
I held him for a minute and then said
"Gunner I know it's not easy and Heavenly Father knew it wouldn't be easy so that's why he sent us.
Because he knew we are strong. If we rely on him and have faith in him he will help us through it I know it!"
I could hear Clint crying in the bedroom as he listened to me. I then called for a Bauer family LOVE fest in our room as Neiska and Clint read stories the boys were gushing with excitement to help me drain, measure, clean and flush his drains.
I know angels are around our family. The ones who we can see with our eyes and the ones that we can't see.
I know God hears the prayers of ALL of his children. I know we can make it through challenges that are impossible with the help of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

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