Thursday, April 30, 2015


Surprise surgery/procedure #10
Clint's had a lot of nerve pain and has had muscle cramping.
His right glute has filled up since surgery two weeks ago. They are thinking he's bleeding internally causing pressure on the veins and compressing the tumor thats affecting his nerves.
They are doing a pelvic angiogram and going to try and drain the tumor and blood and to see if they can plug the vein that's causing the bleeding.
It's not a normal procedure and they won't operate anymore in this area so we are praying this 'out of the box' technique will work. ....
Wow we didn't know what we were planning on doing today.
After the doctor explained Clint started to cry.....
to hear the surgeon say that they won't go in and do traditional surgery in that area anymore because he is too high risk is scary.
I don't want it to be his bad. We can live with cancer but I can't live with cancer destroying my best friend...
I hate this. I hate cancer. I hate to see the one I love most in this world slowly tortured by this ugly disease
This new technique sounds like our only hope. I'm praying so hard it can help him
Please say extra prayers for Our Hero today

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