Monday, February 23, 2015

First Visit to the ER on Friday February 20th

Starting our Friday date night off early. Rushed Mr Bauer to the ER in the middle of the night. He's extremely disoriented and had numbness of his lips and chest pains. They did a CT of his brain and everything looked good. 
As they rolled him out for the scans he looked at me with his eyes filled with tears saying how sorry he was. 

I told him "It's not your fault. Quit saying that or I will punch you in the face." (Okay I wouldn't really but it made him smile) then as he left the room I started to cry and pray please God let everything be okay.....
They just did a CT of his chest and no sign of blood clots. They are thinking his oxygen level is too low causing the symptoms. We are waiting to see what the radiologist thinks.

He is one hot mess! 
Took Clint to the ER in the night as posted before. He was disoriented and didn't know where he was and had pressure behind his left eye and numbness in his mouth. 
They did a chest and brain CT scan and found no blood clots! It did show progression of cancer in lungs. With some of the tumors in the right lung doubling in size from November. 

His oxygen levels are too low and they think that's what caused all the symptoms. They are sending him home with oxygen and Monday we see the surgeon and oncologist to decide what's the best thing to do....unless they want us to come in today. 
Hopefully we can stay OUT of the hospitals for the weekend. (Crossing my fingers)

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