Friday, November 14, 2014

Surgery #7

The cancer has stayed stable in his lungs with no big growth! (Insert sigh of relief) The tumors in his abdomen, pelvis, and glute have increased. 

The one in the right glute has been causing him a lot of pain and making it hard to sit and sometimes lay down so they are operating November 12 2014  to remove some of it in hopes it will alleviate some of his discomfort.

Thank you for your prayers we LOVE you guys and appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts and comments it definitely helps us get through the days.

Clint says he just gets to have another crack in his butt 

Here he is ready to go in for surgery number 7 

They are going to try and remove some of the Tumor in his right glute that's causing a lot of nerve pain and cramping.

He just got back to the room. The doctor said they were able to take the cancerous liquid out of the 4" tumor and half of the tumors shell without being too abrasive. 

The goal with this surgery is to help alleviate the pain and pressure this tumor was putting on his nerves and pelvis. He is such a Warrior and I'm SO proud of him.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and concern! We know without a doubt they help lift us up and keep us going

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