Sunday, August 24, 2014

Strong for Each Other

Watching my children try to grasp daily that their Dad has terminal cancer is like enduring an emotional marathon that has no end in sight and no water stations!!...

One day Clint and I were sitting with Neiska after a hard day and I started to tell her that Daddy just doesn't feel good EVERY day ALL day. 

He gets upset easier because he has to deal with feeling horrible at the same time as trying to be a Dad. As I was telling her this tears of frustration started streaming down Clint's cheeks. 

I went on to say to her that being a Mom and Dad is hard even when you feel good! And Daddy NEVER feels good. I told her Heavenly Father sent her to one of THE strongest Dads ever born on Earth! 

Heavenly Father knew it was going to take one of the STRONGEST men he had to endure a trial like this WHILE being a Daddy. And that Heavenly Father sent one of THE strongest girls to be our daughter! I told her we know it's not easy and we are sorry but together we can be strong for each other. And through prayer our sad days could be easier.

Neiska said
 "Daddy's just so strong I don't want him to die." 

I then said that some days Daddy dying would be a blessing for him because then he would be out of pain. 

Clint then said:

 "I'm not scared of dying Neiska I'm scared of leaving my family and not being able to have you guys see me and know that I'm there."

I'm so incredibly blessed to have such amazing and strong spirits in my home.. Thank you for your prayers they give us strength!

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