Sunday, May 11, 2014

Alligator Toes

Are those clips on his toes?! "No they're alligators" Wyatt would argue. 

Here he is after Wyatt tied him up and put alligators on his toes to make him lay down and take a nap one morning this week.  He's been pretty wiped out and has had a lot of cramps in his right glute where a tumor is growing.  Which makes it pretty painful for him to sit down very long. 

It has been a little over two weeks of him on the new Chemo drug Pazopanib.  He gets sick to his stomach as well.  We hope this chemo will slow down the cancer and give him more time.

His doctor says that the cancer is smart and gets used to the drug and learns how to grow after awhile despite the chemo efforts.  So we are hoping this will slow it down for as long as possible then if it starts to grow aggressively despite the chemo we will try and switch him to another chemo drug.

We have gotten really good at living in the moment and trying not to worrying about all the 'What ifs' I'm so deeply grateful for such an amazing man in my life ......he's my HERO!

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