Sunday, May 11, 2014

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Calling all Warrior supporters!!:

If you want to come watch Gunner throw the first pitch to "Clint the Cancer Warrior" at the Bee's Game on Friday, May 23rd mark your calendars!

My sweet sister in Law Maurie has been working with them and organized this fun event since Gunner has been having such a hard time since Clints terminal diagnosis.

Seeing your children trying to grasp their Dad has terminal cancer has been difficult.

How's Gunner been doing since I've taken him to the doctors this week for chest pains? (Which they feel is anxiety)

He woke up the next morning with a nightmare and said he started feeling that way again and said with tears that he didn't want to go to school he wanted to stay home with Daddy. (Of course I let him)

I don't blame him I want to spend as much time as I can with Clint and I'm an adult!

He is also concerned that he will get cancer because he looks so much like his Dad ( maybe that's my fault because I always say "you're just like your Dad")

I can't imagine being 7 years old and having to mentally try and compute that your dad has terminal cancer- life's not fair but with Gods strength and your prayers we have been making it through this far!

We will be introducing the kids to their school counselor and taking Gunner to a kids specialized therapist at LDS family services to make sure he has all the support he needs.

I'm sure in love with that little man

You can see more daily info on Clint's Facebook page HERE

Alligator Toes

Are those clips on his toes?! "No they're alligators" Wyatt would argue. 

Here he is after Wyatt tied him up and put alligators on his toes to make him lay down and take a nap one morning this week.  He's been pretty wiped out and has had a lot of cramps in his right glute where a tumor is growing.  Which makes it pretty painful for him to sit down very long. 

It has been a little over two weeks of him on the new Chemo drug Pazopanib.  He gets sick to his stomach as well.  We hope this chemo will slow down the cancer and give him more time.

His doctor says that the cancer is smart and gets used to the drug and learns how to grow after awhile despite the chemo efforts.  So we are hoping this will slow it down for as long as possible then if it starts to grow aggressively despite the chemo we will try and switch him to another chemo drug.

We have gotten really good at living in the moment and trying not to worrying about all the 'What ifs' I'm so deeply grateful for such an amazing man in my life ......he's my HERO!

First Chemo Week

Clint's first week of Chemo has been pretty good overall

He's been tired and sick to his stomach but if there's a chance it's slowing the cancer down then Clint says it's definitely worth feeling this way.

Clint's word of wisdom for today:

"Show gratitude for the precious things in life by focusing your time and attention on those that mean the most. Stop wasting time worrying and stressing about what you can't control."

There's Still Hope for the Hopeless

Telling my kids that their Daddy isn't expected to live more than a year was one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever done. 

Gunners terrifying scream "No Daddy!" will forever haunt my mind.....

We still have hope that a miracle could come our way and save our North Star. We are so deeply grateful that we know families can be together forever. And Clint will forever be my babies Daddy. 

Thank you for the encouraging words and prayers. We know they have lifted us up despite are urge to fall into complete despair.....