Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update November 2013

Hi my Friend.  Sorry for my blog slackin'. We have had TONS of appointments for Clint.  The chemo he's doing is a clinical trial which means there are lots of blood work, tests, and medical micro-managing.  

 In order to get this drug approved by the FDA they have to go above and beyond on testing. Like for instance last week on our 11 hour Monday chemo appointment they had to do 9 EKG'S (which is a test on his heart)….yes 9.   Three five minutes apart-three times that day.  

 Plus about 20 blood draws and pee tests.  We actually had some crazy "Apple" juice in our fridge for a day while he had to do a 24 hour urine analysis. Where the pee he was collecting had to be kept cold….nasty and crazy huh?

But if all of this testing can help approve this drug that can help others it's worth it Clint says….and I agree don't you?  

 He doesn't even look like anything is wrong with him is the crazy part.  Aside from him walking with a cane you wouldn't be able to tell he's one sick guy. He sure knows how to make cancer look good! He's such a flippin' hottie.  I've been saying lately if he only felt half as good as he looked then our life would be perfect!

 Here he is after he completed 11 hours of his Day 1 of the chemo. He's my Hero

After Monday's long appointment we had to go back every day for labs and vitals.  We took Wyatt with us to those appointments because he loves going to the doctors with us! He saw this arm ramp and he ran to my purse to get his car with excitement in his eyes thinking it was a car launcher. 

He has sure been such a big blessing in our life! He keeps us laughing for sure.  The doctor last week asked him what his name was and he said
"One day I was climbing a latter and I hit my weinee and it hurt!"
We just all sat there laughing as the doctor replied
 "Yeah I bet that did!"
He also asked the doctor one day 
"Why you have your church on?!" 
referring to his suit and tie.  He laughed and said 
"That's great I've never heard it called that." 

He's so funny, and makes our dark clouds have big rays of sunshine!

I've kinda been avoiding writing for having to face the emotional reality of our latest news for Clint. Aside from the clinical trial we met with his regular doctor on Monday too.  He said that the cancer in his lungs has grown slightly and the cancer everywhere else has doubled in size over the last three months.  The sucky part is it's exponential growth.  So for example a tumor in his pelvis was a little over an inch three months ago and that same tumor last week has grown to 2 1/2 inches.  So more tumor means more tumor cells and each cell has been doubling at least.   So 2 1/2" will be 5" in three months ect….  

He said if this chemo trial slowed them down they would consider going in with a laser and blast it. (ok he really used a big long term but you get the gist….;) but if the chemo didn't stop their growth then they don't want to go in anymore because every time they do it seems to make the cancer spread even more. Then they would just try to keep him comfortable while we cherish each of his numbered days….. So we need to keep praying this trial will work!

I kept it together in the office that day while we were delivered the same crappy news as usual, but on the way home I rode with Clint's dad home while Clint's brother and Mother rode in a separate car.  I sat there chatting with his dad as he was telling me about his career and the places it's taken his family over the years.  It was just harmless small talk….. right? 

But as he sat there talking I started to think about Clint and all the hard work he had put in at school and work and the countless hours and days he worked full time and went to school full time while raising our little family.  Sacrificing and leaving at 5am and getting home after 11pm, just so he could work hard and provide a good life for his family.   and now his major job is fighting for his own life……it just isn't fair.   It's hard not to get angry and mad…and sad……I just have to try not to think about it most days.   (now you can see why I've been delaying giving you the update because now I'm sitting here balling on my couch)  

But despite all the crappiness we are determined to enjoy the minutes, hours, and days we have been blessed to have together.   

Tomorrow we have another 8 hour appointment so Lord of The Rings trilogy has our name on it!…;)

I'm so thankful for the countless blessings that we do have….and hope that God has a miracle planned for us…..

Talk to you soon,

-Your Friend Kamille