Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi there My Friend.  How are you? I'm hanging in there.  My best friend Jen gave us a gift certificate to Laine Images to get our family pictures taken.  Since it has only been six years since our last family photos I thought that was an amazing idea!  Despite the fact that's it's October and THE busiest time of the year for us- we did it  ~hooray~…..:)

Here's some of our photos

Being busy really helps keep my mind off the obvious problem that haunts are life.  Most days I seem to do okay and act positive, but some days just catch up to me.... like Monday when I went to a family friends baby shower.  I found myself sitting there looking at this little baby and suddenly fighting back tears as I excused myself to the bathroom.  I just sat there in the bathroom crying......

Knowing our family creating is over had suddenly hit me like a punch in the face. Not that our three beautiful children aren't enough (trust me somedays they are more than enough) but just the thought that we won't be having anymore because Clint supposedly won't be around to see them grow up breaks my heart and in some moments is too much to bear. I sat there praying in the bathroom that I would hold myself together through the shower…….  and thank you Heavenly Father for answering that prayer!  Because I'm not a pretty crier, there's no hiding that I've had a melt down.  But as soon as I said goodbye and turned away from their door and the tears continued…. 

Some days are easier than others and on the "other" days I like to remind myself:

Isn't that a great thought? So here's to a day of happiness.

-Your Friend Kamille

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