Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh what a night

Hi my Friend.  Did you have a good weekend? Man it's been hot here in Utah. I can't believe July is almost over - can you?  Now that I can sit down and write about it without completely balling......I'll try to tell you about Clint's Luau. 

We had over 250 of our friends, family, and strangers that came out to support my Dream Boat. 

Not only was the show incredible, but the attention to detail at the venue brought instant tears to our eyes.The centerpieces, the decor, the love. I got so caught up in the moment I should've hired a photographer to go around and take pictures so you could better see the amazing-ness. 

I managed to snap a couple pictures though.  One of which was of my dear friend Emily.  She's standing by this poster she had painted for the night.  It stood by the silent auction tables and will now be a permanent poster for our garage!  Isn't it SO awesome?

 This is some of the center pieces for the tables that I got a picture of before they were putting them away. But it doesn't do justice to the evening.  It was....gorgeous.

It was so fun to see so many of our friends.  Some friends we haven't seen for as long as 15 years! To me it was not just a celebration for Clint, it was a celebration of the preciousness of life! Bringing to the fore front of minds that life is meant to live and help others live with joy along our way. 

To see the support and love for our little family is so humbling.  How do you begin to say thank you? I can hardly think of any thank you note that I could write that would adequately do the job. The love, service, time, compassion, and humanity of so many in our community has forever been knit into the fabric of our existence. 

 Bringing with it a burning desire that we will be able to bring hope to those that are hopeless and comfort to the comfortless. To be able to show people that life can be hard but it's meant to be lived with joy and love for others.

Thank you for reading my blog and for praying for my family.  And for helping me be happier on days when happiness seems unattainable. 

Here's to living with more joy and love for others......cheers

oh p.s: Clint's slide show is now up on his blog!

-Your Friend Kamille

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