Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home from surgery #5

Hi my great Friend! I'm so grateful you are there thinking and praying for us!  

He did great in the surgery. The doctor said he removed handfuls of "Current jelly" blood clots from his lower back. They think somehow he popped an internal stitch which started the muscles to bleed and build so much thick fluid that it caused the drain he had in to clog. They put in 2 new drains and hopefully that will detour the problem from happening again.

I'm so lucky to have each day with him!  Even if some of those days are horrible. The last two weeks especially have been such an emotional roller coaster I don't know how much more we can handle..... I'm so grateful for him and his will to survive. 

Luckily yesterday he did great with the physical therapists and was feeling good enough to come home! So I'm back in my home writing to you. 

Do you have fun Memorial Weekend Plans? I sure hope so! I think I'm going to rent a fun movie tonight and have a family fun night at home with my babies.  Then Sunday we are having a BBQ with my family. 

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  1. Oh my heck! Crazy stuff. He is such a fighter. Be strong. I can't imagine how hard it is and every time I see a smile in your face (or his) I am just amazed by you two and how happy you continue to be. So sorry you have to deal with this.