Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hi my Friend! Did you have a good Mother's Day weekend?

I had Clint home 

And breakfast in bed made by these little cuties! 

We were in and out of the doctors. Friday they sent Clint home with oxygen and each day I can see him getting more and more tired.

*warning graphic pictures below*

We went in yesterday to get his drain pulled and they said he was pretty swollen!!(um yeah) they also sent us down to get labs again and last night the doctor called us and said his blood count had dropped from 40 on Friday to 30 today. They think he's losing blood somewhere. We need to keep him using the oxygen and if he is not really feeling better today we need to take him to get a blood transfusion. 

Sorry the pictures are big I'm blogging on my phone. I find myself drained and tired once I put the kids in bed. So I'm laying here in my bed writing to you my dear friend in the dark.

Clint said to me the other day that he woke up from a dream and thought this was all a nightmare. How I wish that was true. It seems like the bad news train keeps getting their navigation put on our address! What do you do to keep from falling apart when that seems to be the only thing to do?! Just keep trying to treasure the time you have together with those that mean the most to you in your life! 

I will talk to you soon...

-Your Friend Kamille 

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