Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update November 2013

Hi my Friend.  Sorry for my blog slackin'. We have had TONS of appointments for Clint.  The chemo he's doing is a clinical trial which means there are lots of blood work, tests, and medical micro-managing.  

 In order to get this drug approved by the FDA they have to go above and beyond on testing. Like for instance last week on our 11 hour Monday chemo appointment they had to do 9 EKG'S (which is a test on his heart)….yes 9.   Three five minutes apart-three times that day.  

 Plus about 20 blood draws and pee tests.  We actually had some crazy "Apple" juice in our fridge for a day while he had to do a 24 hour urine analysis. Where the pee he was collecting had to be kept cold….nasty and crazy huh?

But if all of this testing can help approve this drug that can help others it's worth it Clint says….and I agree don't you?  

 He doesn't even look like anything is wrong with him is the crazy part.  Aside from him walking with a cane you wouldn't be able to tell he's one sick guy. He sure knows how to make cancer look good! He's such a flippin' hottie.  I've been saying lately if he only felt half as good as he looked then our life would be perfect!

 Here he is after he completed 11 hours of his Day 1 of the chemo. He's my Hero

After Monday's long appointment we had to go back every day for labs and vitals.  We took Wyatt with us to those appointments because he loves going to the doctors with us! He saw this arm ramp and he ran to my purse to get his car with excitement in his eyes thinking it was a car launcher. 

He has sure been such a big blessing in our life! He keeps us laughing for sure.  The doctor last week asked him what his name was and he said
"One day I was climbing a latter and I hit my weinee and it hurt!"
We just all sat there laughing as the doctor replied
 "Yeah I bet that did!"
He also asked the doctor one day 
"Why you have your church on?!" 
referring to his suit and tie.  He laughed and said 
"That's great I've never heard it called that." 

He's so funny, and makes our dark clouds have big rays of sunshine!

I've kinda been avoiding writing for having to face the emotional reality of our latest news for Clint. Aside from the clinical trial we met with his regular doctor on Monday too.  He said that the cancer in his lungs has grown slightly and the cancer everywhere else has doubled in size over the last three months.  The sucky part is it's exponential growth.  So for example a tumor in his pelvis was a little over an inch three months ago and that same tumor last week has grown to 2 1/2 inches.  So more tumor means more tumor cells and each cell has been doubling at least.   So 2 1/2" will be 5" in three months ect….  

He said if this chemo trial slowed them down they would consider going in with a laser and blast it. (ok he really used a big long term but you get the gist….;) but if the chemo didn't stop their growth then they don't want to go in anymore because every time they do it seems to make the cancer spread even more. Then they would just try to keep him comfortable while we cherish each of his numbered days….. So we need to keep praying this trial will work!

I kept it together in the office that day while we were delivered the same crappy news as usual, but on the way home I rode with Clint's dad home while Clint's brother and Mother rode in a separate car.  I sat there chatting with his dad as he was telling me about his career and the places it's taken his family over the years.  It was just harmless small talk….. right? 

But as he sat there talking I started to think about Clint and all the hard work he had put in at school and work and the countless hours and days he worked full time and went to school full time while raising our little family.  Sacrificing and leaving at 5am and getting home after 11pm, just so he could work hard and provide a good life for his family.   and now his major job is fighting for his own life……it just isn't fair.   It's hard not to get angry and mad…and sad……I just have to try not to think about it most days.   (now you can see why I've been delaying giving you the update because now I'm sitting here balling on my couch)  

But despite all the crappiness we are determined to enjoy the minutes, hours, and days we have been blessed to have together.   

Tomorrow we have another 8 hour appointment so Lord of The Rings trilogy has our name on it!…;)

I'm so thankful for the countless blessings that we do have….and hope that God has a miracle planned for us…..

Talk to you soon,

-Your Friend Kamille

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi there My Friend.  How are you? I'm hanging in there.  My best friend Jen gave us a gift certificate to Laine Images to get our family pictures taken.  Since it has only been six years since our last family photos I thought that was an amazing idea!  Despite the fact that's it's October and THE busiest time of the year for us- we did it  ~hooray~…..:)

Here's some of our photos

Being busy really helps keep my mind off the obvious problem that haunts are life.  Most days I seem to do okay and act positive, but some days just catch up to me.... like Monday when I went to a family friends baby shower.  I found myself sitting there looking at this little baby and suddenly fighting back tears as I excused myself to the bathroom.  I just sat there in the bathroom crying......

Knowing our family creating is over had suddenly hit me like a punch in the face. Not that our three beautiful children aren't enough (trust me somedays they are more than enough) but just the thought that we won't be having anymore because Clint supposedly won't be around to see them grow up breaks my heart and in some moments is too much to bear. I sat there praying in the bathroom that I would hold myself together through the shower…….  and thank you Heavenly Father for answering that prayer!  Because I'm not a pretty crier, there's no hiding that I've had a melt down.  But as soon as I said goodbye and turned away from their door and the tears continued…. 

Some days are easier than others and on the "other" days I like to remind myself:

Isn't that a great thought? So here's to a day of happiness.

-Your Friend Kamille

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hi my Dear Friend. Yesterday was a horrible nightmare.  And to think I woke up in the morning and even debated putting on waterproof mascara (figuring we had pretty much heard the bulk of the bad news last week) ......BUT.... The Dr asked the PA to grab the entire box of tissues.....

 They said the cancer is spreading and speedily growing all over his pelvis area and back. To operate it would put him through losing more quality of life and for some unknown reason it seems to aggravate the cancer and make it worse.
He said untreated he would estimate given its growth rate Clint has 1-2 years left to live. As he sat there telling us this I was horrified to say the least. We both just sat there with tears streaming down our faces.....stunned.... I was so glad Clint's dad was there to ask questions for us while I had no words that would come out of my mouth.

He did recommended the experimental Chemo which has an opening in 4 weeks, and they are still going to watch him "like white on rice" and take each problem one by one and make him as comfortable as possible.  Bringing up hospice as a real conversation we might need to have down the road.

As I sat there stunned all I could think was- How can this be true? This isn't fair, What will I do without him?  Our life growing old together, our plans, our dreams for our life now ripped out and stolen by this ugly disease.....  To be forced to think of my life without him......... two years Wyatt won't even be in Kindergarten.

 We made that appointment for their next opening with the Chemo Dr (which ends up being September 30- Clint's birthday) *uggh*

I wish we could just run away! Wait we ARE....:) Today we leave out of town in a MUCH NEEDED getaway to that family cancer retreat at Harmony Hill in Washington. Which starts this Thursday thru Saturday.  Then we will take some extra days and drive down the coast before we come home next week.

Thank you for praying for us and for reading my blog.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and hope that this experimental chemo will work a miracle for us.

-Your Friend Kamille


Hi there.

 Well Clint's appointment was disappointing.( we should get use to that by now-right?) 
the tumors in his lungs are growing.  There's two in his right lung and five in his left lung. They can operate and remove them, but with tumors growing in other places in his body they are concerned it would keep coming back and they would have to keep taking more and more of his lungs out.  To remove them from his lungs they can only do one side per surgery because in the surgery they have to collapse the lung they are operating on and the other lung has to do the breathing. The big concern is once you remove parts of your lung you can't do anything to get it back and it results in the loss of oxygen capacity- hence more and more surgeries leads to less and less oxygen your lungs can get.

We then met the Chemo Dr and learned about his options there. Monday all of the doctors will be meeting to discuss Clint and then Monday afternoon we meet with Clint's Dr and find out what our next step is.

I am pretty much emotionally numb today. I'm glad my father in law was there to crack his usual jokes and provide some comic relief. I also stuffed my face after with nachos, a hamburger and fries, and then for dinner pizza and my moms chocolate chip cookies.(obviously the temporary gratification left me not feeling so good ) 

Life's just not fair. I know it is a miracle that we have made it this far and we are so grateful for those like you that pray and think about us. I don't know what to do but move through and take it day by day. 
And how can you be sad when this little person wants you to take him out for a walk and gives you a kiss?!

I'm so grateful for my kids and their sweet, energetic spirits! I will keep you posted after his appointment Monday. Maybe I will talk to you before then.

Signing off from my phone blogging

-Your Friend Kamille
Hey there.  How's your week going so far?  I'm pretty much a Nervous Nellie.  It's back to reality for the Bauer's.....
We had Clint's tests yesterday (isn't he such a hottie?!)  Thursday we meet with the Thoracic Surgeon to see if and how fast the cancer is growing in his lungs.  That same day we will meet the Chemo Dr. He has never done Chemo before because it's proven no results on this type of cancer, but I guess there's an experimental chemo so we will go find out about it.  Then on Monday we meet his doctor and find out about the other tumors and what the plan of action will be for him. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh what a night

Hi my Friend.  Did you have a good weekend? Man it's been hot here in Utah. I can't believe July is almost over - can you?  Now that I can sit down and write about it without completely balling......I'll try to tell you about Clint's Luau. 

We had over 250 of our friends, family, and strangers that came out to support my Dream Boat. 

Not only was the show incredible, but the attention to detail at the venue brought instant tears to our eyes.The centerpieces, the decor, the love. I got so caught up in the moment I should've hired a photographer to go around and take pictures so you could better see the amazing-ness. 

I managed to snap a couple pictures though.  One of which was of my dear friend Emily.  She's standing by this poster she had painted for the night.  It stood by the silent auction tables and will now be a permanent poster for our garage!  Isn't it SO awesome?

 This is some of the center pieces for the tables that I got a picture of before they were putting them away. But it doesn't do justice to the evening.  It was....gorgeous.

It was so fun to see so many of our friends.  Some friends we haven't seen for as long as 15 years! To me it was not just a celebration for Clint, it was a celebration of the preciousness of life! Bringing to the fore front of minds that life is meant to live and help others live with joy along our way. 

To see the support and love for our little family is so humbling.  How do you begin to say thank you? I can hardly think of any thank you note that I could write that would adequately do the job. The love, service, time, compassion, and humanity of so many in our community has forever been knit into the fabric of our existence. 

 Bringing with it a burning desire that we will be able to bring hope to those that are hopeless and comfort to the comfortless. To be able to show people that life can be hard but it's meant to be lived with joy and love for others.

Thank you for reading my blog and for praying for my family.  And for helping me be happier on days when happiness seems unattainable. 

Here's to living with more joy and love for others......cheers

oh p.s: Clint's slide show is now up on his blog!

-Your Friend Kamille

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zumba-thon for Clint The Cancer Warrior

 Do you live near West Jordan, Utah? Please grab all of your friends and head to West Jordan's 24 Hour Fitness.  They have so graciously accepted being the host to a fun Zumba-thon for Clint the Cancer Warrior Fundraiser!

Andrea Liender and some of my great friends at my gym approached me with the idea.  I'm so blown away at the love and support we are receiving.  I thank God everyday for those around us who help lift us up and strengthen us.   

Clint won't be Zumba-ing but he will be there at the end to say hi.  Well I sure hope I can see you there this Saturday!

Hey Friend- How's your week going so far? I've been lovin' the sunshine! I hope you take time out of your day to appreciate the succulent rays.  I look at the 92' degree temperature in my car and I just do a happy dance inside that it's not 2' degrees like it was in January...:)

friends sunshine life

I love that quote-don't you? I'm so glad I have you as my friend.  That is one thing that I can say I have been blessed with, and that is AMAZING friends.  Friends who have helped lift me when I haven't been able to lift myself. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.  I know without a doubt on days when I'm happy against all odds that you are out there praying for our happiness.

We have an phenomenal neighbor-Ku'uipo who's father puts on elaborate island shows and Luau's.  She approached us about doing a Benefit Luau for Clint.  Besides being completely honored and humbled....we are excited!! 

Please mark you calendar for Friday July 12th at 6:30pm.  Cost is $20 per person and that will include dinner and an island show.   There will also be a silent auction.  If you are near West Jordan, Utah and would like to buy a ticket you can go to my shop Kamille's and we have them there to purchase.  

If would like to buy your ticket online click HERE to go to the paypal that my dear friend Ku'uipo Vea has set up for the Luau

 It will be a great date night with friends or bring the entire family.  All proceeds will go to our little Bauer Family. We are so grateful for you and our friends. 
 Mahalo in advance for your prayers or your donation! Clint and I hope we can see you there.


Have a good week and I'll talk to you soon.

-Your Friend Kamille  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clint The Cancer Warrior night at Chili's

Hi our Friends! One of our sweet neighbors set up a fundraiser at Chili's West Jordan (Jordan Landing) location this coming Monday June 3!

Chili's will donate 15% off the sales that day if you print this image below and take this to your waitress! You MUST print this and hand it to your server for Clint to get the 15%

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to come out and eat that day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hi my great Friend! I'm so grateful you are there thinking and praying for us!  

He did great in the surgery. The doctor said he removed handfuls of "Current jelly" blood clots from his lower back. They think somehow he popped an internal stitch which started the muscles to bleed and build so much thick fluid that it caused the drain he had in to clog. They put in 2 new drains and hopefully that will detour the problem from happening again.

I'm so lucky to have each day with him!  Even if some of those days are horrible. The last two weeks especially have been such an emotional roller coaster I don't know how much more we can handle..... I'm so grateful for him and his will to survive. 

Luckily yesterday he did great with the physical therapists and was feeling good enough to come home! So I'm back in my home writing to you. 

Do you have fun Memorial Weekend Plans? I sure hope so! I think I'm going to rent a fun movie tonight and have a family fun night at home with my babies.  Then Sunday we are having a BBQ with my family. 

I will talk to you Monday!

-Your Friend Kamille

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home from surgery #5

Hi my great Friend! I'm so grateful you are there thinking and praying for us!  

He did great in the surgery. The doctor said he removed handfuls of "Current jelly" blood clots from his lower back. They think somehow he popped an internal stitch which started the muscles to bleed and build so much thick fluid that it caused the drain he had in to clog. They put in 2 new drains and hopefully that will detour the problem from happening again.

I'm so lucky to have each day with him!  Even if some of those days are horrible. The last two weeks especially have been such an emotional roller coaster I don't know how much more we can handle..... I'm so grateful for him and his will to survive. 

Luckily yesterday he did great with the physical therapists and was feeling good enough to come home! So I'm back in my home writing to you. 

Do you have fun Memorial Weekend Plans? I sure hope so! I think I'm going to rent a fun movie tonight and have a family fun night at home with my babies.  Then Sunday we are having a BBQ with my family. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hi my Friend! Did you have a good Mother's Day weekend?

I had Clint home 

And breakfast in bed made by these little cuties! 

We were in and out of the doctors. Friday they sent Clint home with oxygen and each day I can see him getting more and more tired.

*warning graphic pictures below*

We went in yesterday to get his drain pulled and they said he was pretty swollen!!(um yeah) they also sent us down to get labs again and last night the doctor called us and said his blood count had dropped from 40 on Friday to 30 today. They think he's losing blood somewhere. We need to keep him using the oxygen and if he is not really feeling better today we need to take him to get a blood transfusion. 

Sorry the pictures are big I'm blogging on my phone. I find myself drained and tired once I put the kids in bed. So I'm laying here in my bed writing to you my dear friend in the dark.

Clint said to me the other day that he woke up from a dream and thought this was all a nightmare. How I wish that was true. It seems like the bad news train keeps getting their navigation put on our address! What do you do to keep from falling apart when that seems to be the only thing to do?! Just keep trying to treasure the time you have together with those that mean the most to you in your life! 

I will talk to you soon...

-Your Friend Kamille 
His drain is putting out a lot blood still so they probably will keep us in the hospital until Saturday, but hopefully I will get him home as my Mothers Day present!

I miss you and I will hopefully be able to chat with you soon. Thank you for your comments and emails it really does help strengthen us!

-Your Friend Kamille

Oh p.s

I set up a Facebook page for Clint. It's under Clint the Cancer Warrior

My sister in law set up a website donation account for Clint HERE

Hi my Friend. I want you to know I haven't forgotten you. I've been wanting to sit down and let the tear drops fall as my fingers hit the keys....

Monday we found out the cancer has started to spread to his lungs. The pieces are so small they are going to wait and do another scan on them in August.

But today they are operating on the tumor on his back.

Wish us luck and I will talk to you as soon as I can.

-You Friend Kamille

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get Inspired

Hi Friend. How are you? How has your week been? Mine has been better.
I know our life is far from perfect and thinking about how bad it is only makes me feel worse.

 How can you be happy with your life when there's so many things that you could be unhappy about? 

There's the trick question.

 Because isn't there always going to be something in your life that isn't right? Something there that you can say is a legitimate reason for you to be unhappy about? So why not try to look for the things in your life that do make you happy and focus on those! That has been my assignment for myself this week. 

  Earlier this week I was looking for something that meant a lot to me and when I couldn't find it I said a prayer in my heart that I could locate it. Yesterday we met Clint's parents at the Mummies of The World Exhibit  and when we pulled up my Father in law brought over what I had been looking for!!! He said that Clint's brother was looking in a box at their house and found it! I was shocked! They never even knew I was looking for it! It was a sweet sign to me that God is aware of me and cares about me. It was good to feel that way....happy. 

Do you remember Clint's Get Fit Get Healthy Challenge he started last month? How's your progress been going? Have you tried to be healthier?  Clint has been going to the gym at least 4 times a week despite his pain and discomfort. He has also been swimming.  

He now weighs 238lbs and has lost 2 lbs.

It's been frustrating for him to work so hard and not see his hard work show on the scale. The physical therapist says it's not uncommon for those bodies that are fighting cancer to be stressed and not want to lose weight. But that hasn't slowed him down! Even though he can't see it on the scale I can see the transformation in his attitude! Doesn't working out just make you feel better?

If I didn't workout I can't fathom how miserable and depressed I would be. It has truly helped me in so many ways.  It can be the antidote to many of your problems! Are you depressed? Are you low on energy? Are you sad?  Then my friend you need to workout!

What's holding you back?

I'm so excited to introduce you to my new Friend Jim!

He goes to the same gym as me and when I saw him shakin' it in Zumba with an oxygen tank I knew I had to go and talk to him! Not only is he one of the cutest, and sweetest gentlemen I've ever met, he is one of the most inspiring people I've ever talked to!

He's a 76 year old Korean War Vet
His wife died when their 4th baby was 15 days old
He survived prostate cancer
He has Diabetes
He has ONE lung which subsequently leaves him carrying around a 12 lb oxygen tank
He's lost 44lbs since November of 2010

Isn't he AMAZING?! Here's our Zumba instructor Veronica with us. Have you taken a Zumba class before? It's fun, but it's a lot of work! And to think of doing it with a 12 lb oxygen tank and one lung just blows my mind.

I've seen him at the gym before, but hadn't gotten a chance to talk to him.  I'm so grateful I was finally able to.

 He is such an inspiration don't you think?

 I have such a great respect for people who deal with physical limitations and still strive to workout and be healthy. It's hard enough getting my butt to the gym and I feel good! But thinking about Clint and his limitations has been my motivation to 'get moving'. And meeting people like Jim keep me grateful for a body that can get up and move. 

If a 76 year old with a 12 lb oxygen tank, one lung, and diabetes can go to the gym every day why can't we?! There's no excuse....get inspired!

Have a good weekend talk to you soon!

-Your Friend Kamille

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi my Friend. How have you been?! How has your week been treating you? Did you have a good Valentines Day? 

 I've lost a little 'pep' to my step I guess. You would think that I would be doing better this week compared to last week when we got Clint's results, but I guess it hadn't really hit me until now....It's hard always trying to be positive, don't you think? I'm emotionally burnt out, and ready to sit in the water bucket like Goldie Hawn in the Movie Overboard. 

I hate to let anyone see me cry, and I especially hate to cry in front of Clint-the cry where he knows that I'm crying about him. Every time I do I can visualize his hopes and dreams of providing for us start to crumble with each tear-I know he feels horrible and I feel so guilty when I'm sad because I know it only makes him feel worse.

 I usually will go and cry in the shower where no one can hear me, but the other day when I put the kids to bed I could barely shut the bathroom door before I started to have a melt down. As I was covering my mouth to muffle the sound with my back against the door, I could hear Clint on the other side of the door trying to get in.
"Kamille, I would rather you cry with me than hide from me." 
Then he opened the door and I fell apart in his arms.....

Some days are easier than others....I'm just hoping for the days being easier to out weigh the hard ones. Do you have any magic tricks to get you through hard times in your life?

Remember before Clint's surgery last year when his dad sent us to Hawaii? When we were there I got this necklace that had two birds on it and a little turquoise stone.  From the moment I got it I wore it every day for months until one day it broke.  I meant to put it in a safe place to fix later, but soon it was lost.  

Yesterday Clint came home from 'therapy' with flowers and a little black box. When I opened it there was my lost little love birds necklace that he found and got fixed! I just looked at it and started to cry, then he started to cry. 

 I love Clint and my Love Birds.  

-Your Friend Kamille

Monday, February 4, 2013

Warning: Life Gets Sucky

Well how was your day yesterday? Mine was pretty....sucky. We went to get Clint's test results and as soon as the doctor walked into the room you could see on his face that the news wasn't good. He said that the cancer has grown 50% from the MRI three months ago, and a new piece started growing in his lower back.

He said we could go ahead and operate now or wait.  Knowing and trusting him I immediately asked him what he would do if it was him. He said that he would wait three months to let the cancer grow a little more so it was easier to find during surgery. Unless he starts experiencing more pain or other complications we will re-do all his tests in three months then operate....again

We looked at each other and quickly agreed. He still is healing and his leg is still swelling from the last surgery. Giving him a couple more months to get stronger seems like the best choice. So here we are again....but this time we know that it has to get worse before it gets better. 
I surprised myself and didn't shed a tear.... in the doctors office.

I'm the kind of girl that can hold it together until she talks to her mama....and then I feel like a little girl who fell off her bike and needs her mama to hold her while she cries and says "The world is not fair!" 

So there I was sitting next to Clint in the wellness center when I made the call. I held it together until she asked "How are you doing?' then I was the little girl who just needed her mommy and I started to cry. I felt so guilty for letting Clint see me. I'm suppose to be strong for him. I know he feels so horrible that his whole family dynamic is changed because of him, I know he feels guilty that he is powerless to change our situation, and me crying I know doesn't help...

I quickly ended the call to shut off the dam that I was holding back. Then I ran to the bathroom and cried. I had a melt down for approximately 1 minute and 47 seconds.  Then I put my big girl panies back on and thought to myself, as I saw bald sick patients....this could be worse.  He could be given a terminal diagnosis with a short time to live. It could be one of our babies who was sick.  I then said a quick prayer to help me hold it together and exited the bathroom....

This I know: Life is precious, live it, love it, and appreciate it

-Your Friend Kamille

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clint's Get Fit-Get Healthy Challenge

Hi My Friend! How are you? How has this new year been treating you so far? I went with Clint to the Huntsman Cancer Hospital for various appointments.

Clint and I were talking about him and the blog and he wanted to talk to you about doing 
 Clint's Get Fit, Get Healthy Challenge 

Clint's usually a man of few words (a lot like me.....ha..;) and wanted to introduce it to you....

 "I am taking on this challenge to find solutions to get rid of the unwanted, rendering weight. I challenge you to find the challenges or excuses that have stopped you from accomplishing something you want to achieve and treat those excuses like a problem that can be solved! 

I have never thought as myself as someone that inspires others. I am a man a few inspirational words and when I have been in a leadership role, have always tried to lead by example.

 I, like most people have challenges. These challenges have given me excuses that have rendered me from being the person I want to be. I have made the realization that an excuse is problem that can be solved!
My physical challenges have caused me to be unable to manage my weight. This is a huge problem for me. My doctor lets me know every time that I see him that my excess weight will shorten the life of my body.

Kamille has done her best in finding solutions to help me be able to get active without causing further injury to my recovering body. But ultimately the effort and decisions are all on me. Lucky for me I am married to my hero and inspiration. 

You might have to think outside the box like me. Anything that is worth accomplishing is worth working for. And hard work always pays off. But in the counsel of the Doctors 'Work smarter not harder.' I am including you on my journey (to mostly give me an audience to be accountable to) but also in hopes of helping someone else that have what seems to be insurmountable challenges to let you know you are not alone. 
So here I am January 2013 240lbs Month 1 of my Get Fit- Get Healthy Challenge.  Feel free to comment with any questions....."

-Improve your quality of life 
Clint The Cancer Warrior

Seriously....isn't he the cutest thing ever!!? I'm so proud of him! When we were talking to his Physical Therapist the subject of Marathons came up and he said something I thought was so perfect....
 "The purpose of a Marathon is to have your spirit and mind tell your body it can go on even when it wants to stop. Clint you've already ran Marathons! Your mind and spirit have carried your body many times.  You are can do this!"
Isn't that a neat way of looking at it? I thought it was too! What would you like to be better at? What challenges do you have?

-Your Friend Kamille