Friday, December 7, 2012

My Dream Man Update

Hi Friend! How was your first weekend in December?! We finally jumped on the decoration train and got the tree up. Do you like to decorate for Christmas? I think it puts something so magical in the air don't you?

Getting the Christmas decorations up is one of Clint's favorite things! It's so fun to see that enthusiasm spread to the kids.  He truly is the BEST! 

How's he doing? Physically he feels like crap. His base line everyday pain number (on a scale of 1 to 10) is 6.   He never fact I always have to ask "What's your number?(pain number) Coping with pain everyday is not only physically draining, but mentally draining. I can see him everyday not only fighting to live, but fighting to live with a good attitude.

  Isn't it easy to act crappy when you feel crappy?! Imagine feeling crappy every day.  With that in mind I try really hard to not nag him.

 I've always felt like I was suppose to be with him.  And especially with his cancer battle I've known I was meant to be there for him....because in some weird way I feel like I have something he needs...something that helps him get through his days.  A couple of weeks ago I could see that no matter what I said or did affected his attitude. And it scared me. He was getting depressed and for the first time I felt like there was nothing I could do.  I dropped to my knees praying that God would help me know what I could do to help him. 

The next day the thoughts came into my heart that I needed to call The Huntsman Cancer Institute Wellness center and get him in to be evaluated with the physical therapy Doctor.  It's been one of those things on my to do list, but I hadn't gotten around to it. So I immediately called-we can't get in until December 21st.  But at that time they will look at his individual limitations and customize a workout and rehab plan just for him.  It's my hopes that this will help the 'embers' catch fire and motivate him in the right direction....we will see. I will let you know how it goes! In January we will have another MRI and see how much the cancer has grown.  Then based upon it's growing rate we will either wait and watch or operate.

 In the meantime to keep him happy I like to rattle off my favorite one liners:

"Did you vote for Pedro?! Because all of your dreams came get to stay home and play with your family everyday!"    (cheesy I know but It gets him to smile)
"Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just take this month off work and play?!"
"At least you still have a leg to chase me around the house!"
"Man wouldn't it be the best thing ever if you could just sleep in tomorrow and not go to work?!"
The most popular one liners involve body parts or are R rated *wink wink* so I'll leave those to your imagination....;)

Are you having a hard time in your life right now? If you are I'm so sorry. It's the hard times in life that force you to look at your life in a different perspective. Being forced to look at your life from a different angle is in a strange way a gift.  It seems crazy  to think of it like that-I know. But I've never seen so much love, support, and humanity since Clint's been sick . I feel we have been given a gift that not many will be able to receive.  I'm so thankful to so many of you who have shown us love and concern and been our friends