Monday, October 15, 2012

Update: Be Happy

I've missed sitting down and writing to you.  This time of the year at the shops is crazy and keeps us hoppin'! How are you?! I hope you are doing good.

love this picture of Clint...He's so flippin' cute I want to eat his face off...(no I'm not eating bath salt I'm just crazy for him...:)

Since Clint has been sick people have said they can't believe how positive we are.  The truth is some days are easier than others.  And sometimes life just isn't fair. I look at him with awe and wonder why? Why does someone so amazing have to go through something so horrible? Why can't the cancer just go away? Why can't we just get a break?! Then the guilt starts to creep in.....and I hear myself say to myself 
"Why can't you just be grateful?" 

Because isn't each day we have here together a gift?! How easy it is to forget that what we hold most precious could be gone in an instant. Why spend your days sad and unhappy? You should treasure the time that you have been given with the best attitude and outlook as possible(definitely easier said than done believe me I know)

*****Graphic Pictures Below******

Clint's leg has been swelling the last week. So I texted the doctor this picture I took of it yesterday and he immediately called and wants us to come in for an MRI today. I hope we are just being paranoid and cautious. Could the cancer be growing back so fast? Or could the swelling be a sign of a blood clot? We will find out....we are extremely grateful for such a great doctor. 

I will talk to you soon and hopefully have okay news to report:) cross your fingers for us.

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  1. Kamille, I've just read your blog & it breaks my heart all of the trials that your family has to go through. But your positive attitude is such a great example to me. I want you to know that you guys are in my prayers. And I know we don't know each other that well (we should, we are in the same Ward:), but we should totally set up a girls night sometime soon. Sometimes it's just good for the soul to have a girls night. Sending love & prayers to you! Love, Laura Johnston