Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well the radiologist reported yesterday that Clint's cancer is growing back in multiple places.  What more can I say?! Sad is an understatement, but it could be worse....
(that's what people keep sayin')
I guess this time around the news isn't as shocking, but it doesn't make it any easier

  It breaks my heart.....

Why do some people have to deal with more challenges than others? They have to be some sort of special breed don't you think? He's emotionally and physically going through so much yet he has the energy to smile and help others.

 It's truly inspiring to be apart of this relationship. He strengthens me and drives me to be a better person.  This might be unlucky news (to say the least) but I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him! He's my SUPERHERO!

Isn't this quote great? I thought so too.....  

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  1. That I'd a fabulous quote. You and Clint inspire me. Your family is in my prayers.
    What is the prognosis? Do they think they can get it all with radiation or chemo or surgery? What is the outlook longer term?
    Love to you both,