Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012

Clint Update

Yesterday we took Clint in for his 2 week post op appointment since his surgery
The Bone Cancer this time was deep into his right groin.  They said removing this cancer was like getting a sticky piece of gum out of a bowl of spaghetti with all the nerves and blood vessels.

  He has lost more feeling in his right leg, but the key thingin this sentence is....
he still has a right leg! 

We are so lucky that he has such great care at The Huntsman Cancer Institute 

Dr Randall Rocks

Pretty much the next step with the cancer is wait and see if his MRI in September comes back with no cancer *please God we are saying UNCLE 

Then we see the tumor reconstruction specialist in July for his Hernia surgery. I know we will be a lot happier when he will be able to have surgeries behind us and be able to focus on getting better and stronger. 

Clint is such an AMAZING man!  He's such a great example to everyone, when life sucks...you keep going. Everyday I'm reminded I want to grow up and be just like him...:)

- his strength, faith, and courage rivals that of Super Heroes. My kids will be able to grow up and learn how lucky we are to have this SuperMan in our lives..;)

You're the Best Baby....;)

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