Tuesday, September 4, 2012

surgery May 30th 2012

School is out and the days are looking sunny...hopefully that's a metaphor for our life...;)

I have told you before my husband Clint has been a Bone Cancer Warrior  
His surgery Wednesday went as good as can be expected.  This time instead of his hip and abdomen, the cancer was in the right side of his groin area. 

*warning graphic picture below

The doctor said this surgery was like "Getting a piece of gum out of a big bowl of spaghetti." With all of his nerves, blood vessels, and it being deep into the pelvic cavity-it was almost as tricky as removing as the 20lbs of tumors were in December 2011

He's now at home getting hugs and a nurse named Kamille to give him his medications, clean his drain, and give him shots 2x a day.  (That nurse is flippin' awesome and we're so lucky she will take kisses for payments:)

Since he's been sick this time around I can tell I've lost myuuumph. I try hard to stay positive and take it one day at a time, but some days are easier than others.  I can tell that prayers are working because on days I'm having a hard time-he somehow finds the way to make me smile. 

When I brought Clint home today I stood in the kitchen filling up his water mug and just cried...why? Thankfulness...fatigue...stress...who knows?  I wish I did, but I'm grateful he's home.

We found out he has developed a large hernia since they removed so much of his abdomen wall in Decembers surgery and our next step is reconstruction of his abdomen lining/hernia surgery after he heals from this week surgery.

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