Monday, September 17, 2012

Live your lives

Hi to all those who are concerned for Clint (who isn't he's the freakin' MAN) We talked to the doctor tonight and he said that there's multiple little pieces of sarcoma growing in his pelvic region. Poop....what's the next step?! 

Since this cancer is un treatable from chemo and radiation we will just wait until December and re-do all the tests and see how fast it's growing. Clint has been through so much the last little while and it's a nice relief to hear that even though it's there we will be able to have a break for awhile. 

So our Job:
-to try not and think about it until December 
- Live, Laugh, and LOVE LIFE

So that's what we are gonna do! Thank you so much for your support, prayers, concern, and love we couldn't do it without you! 

Cancer sucks but that doesn't mean your life has to be sucky!

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