Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello there! Clint is pretty tired and trying hard to manage his pain without taking too much medicine. Because of them removing so much of his abdomen wall that was contaminated with cancer he now has a large hernia on his right side. Most days it's the culprit to a lot of Clint's discomfort.(besides him walking around with no right hip crest)

When we saw the tumor reconstruction specialist, Dr Vargo. He had to pull us in his office to show us the MRI because on the side he needed to repair the hernia there is no bone, cartilage, muscle, or tissue for him to secure the stitches to. Thus putting Clint through another major surgery with slim chances of success.  He stated to live with the hernia pain as long as possible and then come back and see him.

When we went to Clint's cancer specialist who referred us to Dr Vargo he stated Clint is the first case that he referred to Dr Vargo that he couldn't fix! Seriously!? 

Each day I watch him enduring the pain and discomfort without ever complaining. And I think to myself what an example of courage.  He could complain and be miserable but he  chooses to not let this cancer control his life. If I stub my toe I complain! I need to be more like Clint!

I'm so in love with him, and so grateful he is here and has the energy and attitude to fight this horrible disease. 

We are so grateful for every one's concern and support.  It's so neat to be able to see the humanity and love that people have. Since he has been unable to work since December of 2011 many have asked us if they could help donate a few dollars when they have extra so we just figured out how to add a donation button to Clint's Blog. 

-thanks again for keeping my Cancer Warrior in your prayers!

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