Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad news continues


I Can Do Hard Things

How do you get through times in your lives that seem to difficult to survive? 

 Clint's holding the gift that my sister Jamie sent me.  I know it's a simple statement but it has helped push me through the days lately.

As I have shared before my husband has been battling Bone Cancer.  In December 2011 he underwent MAJOR surgery, removing over 20lbs of cancer.  On Monday we went back for his first MRI since the surgery only to find out that it's returned. 

Heart broken, defeated, and depressed....we knew it would be something we would have to deal with for awhile, but thissoon wasn't something we wanted to enter our thoughts.  With his previous incision being so large and still swollen playing the waiting game seems to be our best option.  In  6 weeks we will re-do the MRI and CT scan and evaluate how much it's grown....and then more surgery.

How do you keep climbing when the mountain before you seems too steep? Like Dori from Finding Nemo says "Just keep climbing swimming" I know it's corny, but its really true

Don't only swim but look around while you are 'swimming' to see those 'swimming' around you. I'm blessed to have such great friends and family and their concern, calls, and comments have helped me inch my way through the last couple days 

 It's also hard to be sad when you have one of these at your house?

 (with the exception of today when he got car sick on the way to the doctors and threw up ALL OVER himself. Lucky for me Clint-who packed the diaper bag, forgot the wipes and an extra outfit......:) So if you were at the mall today and saw a mom running in The Children's Place with a baby that only had a diaper it very well could of been me!

When you are down and can only think of one thing remember YOU CAN do HARD things! Take it from me, it might not be enjoyable but it's possible

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